Monday, 21 January 2008

Canada Immigration

Good news !!

The new inland "Canadian Experience Class" categeory, should be ready to be implemented by this Summer, which will then allow certain foreign Students, & Workers, who are here on a Temporary basis, to be able to apply for Permanent Resident status.

Final details & the criteria to be met, will be announced when the Regulations are published soon ahead.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Canadian Immigration matters

As an experienced, former Canadian Immigration & Visa Officer, & also as a full member of C.S.I.C., & of C.A.P.I.C., I'm available to assist & to legally represent clients, with their various Canadian Immigration applications for Permanent Resident Visas, to be made at any of our Canadian Visa Offices abroad, & also at our Canadian Processing Centres here in Canada.
Note :- Only members of : C.S.I.C., Quebec Notaries, & lawyers, are now allowed to legally represent clients, as their paid, authorized representatives in Immigration related matters.

Feel free to send me your enquiries [ all held in the strictest confidence ] for a free, initial assessment of your situation, & your possible options, before you spend any money out in Fees.

My details are at :- ( & ( for your records, & reassurance.
Kind regards,
R. Downie, C.C.I.C.